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Compliance, Security and Safety Assessments for Critical Systems

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Establish Assurance and Ongoing Control over Security and Safety Vulnerabilities


Risk management is a central pillar of cyber security and safety management. When your organization relies on complex and critical/sensitive systems, It is imperative that those systems be safe, secure and privacy preserving.

Success Stories

"I unconditionally recommend Fieran and Leverage Analytics to any organization seeking to deploy product concepts as SaaS solutions."

"Leverage Analytics ensured that we met all primary statutory obligations, customized a HIPAA training course to our unique processes, and used their design skills to quickly operationalize compliance into a complete service delivery pipeline, at an affordable cost."

- David Jadwin, CEO, Columbia Healthcare Analytics

Protection Starts with a Thorough Understanding of Risk


Is your system secure? Is your system safe? Is your system compliant with regulations?

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Expert guidance to protect your business from security, safety and liability threats

A systems thinking approach to risk analysis

Identify and reduce the security, safety and compliance threats facing your business

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