Protection starts with a thorough understanding of risk:

  • Is your system secure?
  • Is your system safe?
  • Is your system compliant with regulations?

By conducting a thorough analysis of your software, we provide a holistic understanding of your operating liability.

Privacy Impact Assessments and Security Threat Risk Assessments

Our STRA/PIA offering provides multi-domain security and privacy assessments guided by extensive cybersecurity knowledge. We drive these with our years of experience working with and in software development firms. We address security threats with a focus on risk management and system modelling.

Privacy Compliance Assessment

Our compliance offerings focus on the obligations imposed by specific legislation and standards. Some that we have worked with include HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR. Our approach to compliance is to review the legislation or standard and map your processes to them, highlighting areas for improvement and prioritizing recommendations.

Systems Engineering and Hazard Analysis

We provide expert systems analysis with which we identify safety risks present in the cyber-physical and strictly cyber systems you develop. Our approach combines component fault analysis, process fault analysis and event chain analysis. We triangulate these approaches to ensure thorough analysis. We then classify hazards using a risk matrix and prioritize our recommendations including, acceptance, mitigation, transfer, and avoidance.

Legal Risk Advisory for Software

We provide legal opinions on risks associated with the systems you develop.

Protect your systems from safety and cyber risks

To get started, reach out and request a free discovery call. We’ll explore your concerns and the possible solutions we can offer. We can tailor the analysis to your business’s needs and budget.

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