Fractional CISO

Who Needs this Service

Companies who need to win their next client or partner, get funded, or whose founder(s) are looking to exit are motivated to demonstrate their security. Companies needing fractional assistance can’t afford to onboard a full-time executive but can rely on a fractional to drive security program development and operation.

What are the Goals of the Service

Our objective in operating as a fractional CISO is threefold – to make your security controls visible, to demonstrate that compliance with them is monitored, and to both fill in gaps and extend the control framework to satisfy external expectations.

What is the Service

The service begins with developing an understanding of your obligations and controls. Next, framework(s) are identified to establish a baseline against which to measure the breadth and quality of the security controls. A roadmap to greater compliance and an improved security posture is then developed and executed.

Business Outcomes

The improved security posture economically reduces business risk with prioritized and judicious allocations of resources to identified threats and compliance gaps. This improved posture promotes customer acquisition, and motivates partners, funders and acquirers to invest, increasing the demand for, and thus the value of your business.

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