Holistic Risk Management

Leverage Analytics is a Canadian risk advisory firm focused on GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) and safety. Our clients include software companies in medicine, transportation, finance, telecom, and liquor and cannabis.

With executives having a minimum of 20 years of experience in safety and liability analysis, and software engineering, our team provides the expertise you need to ensure that your organization’s services and products are safe, secure and compliant.

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A systems thinking approach to risk analysis

We use cyber-physical systems modelling to provide complete systems analysis to assure the security and safety of your products as well as the privacy of the entities whose data you store. We synthesize this perspective into recommendations that help you make informed and prioritized risk decisions about your mitigation roadmap.

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One-stop-shop for security, safety, and compliance.

  1. We start with threat modelling and a hands-on analysis of your complex systems.
  2. We identify the risks threatening your sensitive data and legal compliance issues.
  3. We provide an in-depth roadmap to guide you through recommended mitigations to align your risk with your tolerance.